Codycross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Ancient Language Spoken By Jesus
Solution: Aramaic

Question: Bon Said By Waiters After Delivering Meals
Solution: Appetit

Question: Curved Tube Used By Swimmers To Breathe Through
Solution: Snorkel

Question: Describes Chilly Conditions Brought By Wind
Solution: Bracing

Question: Describes Vacuous Conversation
Solution: Gossipy

Question: Film Starred By Liza Minnelli
Solution: Cabaret

Question: Fine For Wrongdoing Anagram Of Aplenty
Solution: Penalty

Question: From An Entirely Different Era To Modern Times
Solution: Ancient

Question: Greek Currency Before The Euro
Solution: Drachma

Question: He Played Folly In A Book
Solution: Erasmus

Question: Heavy Artillery Fire To Stop Enemy Troops
Solution: Barrage

Question: Little Group Led By Spanky And Stymie
Solution: Rascals

Question: Marine Crustacean With Five Pairs Of Legs
Solution: Lobster

Question: Metal Wire That Allows TV Or Radio Signal Reception
Solution: Antenna

Question: Muslim Rulers During The Ottoman Empire
Solution: Sultans

Question: Part Of The Ear That Hangs Down Usually Pierced
Solution: Earlobe

Question: Partially Dried Grapes
Solution: Raisins

Question: Person Who Frequents A Place Area
Solution: Denizen

Question: Pierced Body Part
Solution: Earlobe

Question: Region Of Israel Sea Where Jesus Walked On Water
Solution: Galilee

Question: Sea Where Jesus Walked On Water
Solution: Galilee

Question: The Feel Of A Surface Or Substance
Solution: Texture

Question: The Wearing Away Of Stone Or Soil By Weathering
Solution: Erosion

Question: To Motivate Someone To Do Something
Solution: Inspire

Question: Utensil With Holes Liquids Pass Through It
Solution: Drainer

Question: Nation Nickname Of An African Country
Solution: Rainbow

Question: Pin Cylindrical Tool For Smoothing Out Pastry
Solution: Rolling

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