Codycross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Ancient Counting Frame
Solution: Abacus

Question: Area Known For Being Dry Sandy
Solution: Desert

Question: Buzz Astronaut The Second To Walk On Moon
Solution: Aldrin

Question: Danny And Sandy Fell In Love In This 1978 Musical
Solution: Grease

Question: Father Of Angelina Jolie Jon
Solution: Voight

Question: Green Spicy Paste Often Served With Sushi
Solution: Wasabi

Question: It Has 4 Sides In Equal Length
Solution: Square

Question: Jump Around Playfully
Solution: Frolic

Question: Large Caliber Gun From The 16th Century
Solution: Musket

Question: Long Angry Speech An Accusation
Solution: Tirade

Question: Made Higher
Solution: Raised

Question: Monty British Comedy Group Of The Absurd
Solution: Python

Question: Nerd Rockers Who Paid Tribute To Buddy Holly
Solution: Weezer

Question: Plant Used In Japanese Cooking Paste Or Beans
Solution: Wasabi

Question: Prevents Antonio From Losing A Pound Of Flesh
Solution: Portia

Question: Reflective Surface In A Bathroom To See Yourself
Solution: Mirror

Question: Someone Who Carries Baseball Bats For The Team
Solution: Batboy

Question: The Crops A Farm Produces In Business Terms
Solution: Yields

Question: They Own Extensive Lands In Scotland
Solution: Lairds

Question: Tracy Jordans 30 Rock Sidekicks Are Grizz And
Solution: Dot com

Question: Transform Something Into Another Form
Solution: Change

Question: Press Tube With Plunger To Dispense Dough
Solution: Cookie

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