Codycross Inventions Group 44 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: Car Device Sends Electric Current To Start Engine
Solution: Spark plug

Question: Clock Or Watch To Measure Minutes Hours Etc
Solution: Timepiece

Question: Cold Sweet Drink Made With Ice Cream
Solution: Milkshake

Question: English Novelist Famous For His Atonement Novel
Solution: Ian mcewan

Question: Explorer Chronicled The Mongolian Rule In China
Solution: Marco polo

Question: Fluffy White Material Also Called Nitrocellulose
Solution: Guncotton

Question: Fragrant Smells Oils Or Herbs
Solution: Aromatics

Question: Giant Reptiles From Past Era
Solution: Dinosaurs

Question: Giant Reptiles That Lived Billions Of Years Ago
Solution: Dinosaurs

Question: Horoscopes Constellations And Star Signs
Solution: Astrology

Question: Ignition Device Essential To Turn On A Car
Solution: Spark plug

Question: In Medieval Mythology The Enemy Of The Dragon
Solution: Ichneumon

Question: Limited To Only A Select Few
Solution: Exclusive

Question: Manueline Monastery At Belem Lisbon
Solution: Jeronimos

Question: Motorcycle Sport Taken Off Road
Solution: Motocross

Question: Name For Historical Game Birds In Holiday Songs
Solution: Partridge

Question: Newspapers Internet Television Radio
Solution: Mass media

Question: Only To A Chosen Few
Solution: Exclusive

Question: PTSD Post Stress Disorder
Solution: Traumatic

Question: Rhodesian African Lion Dog Used As A Hunter
Solution: Ridgeback

Question: Sideways Rotary Movement Of The Body
Solution: Cartwheel

Question: The Most Expensive Property On A Monopoly Board
Solution: Boardwalk

Question: Traveler Who Chronicled The Mongolian Rule In China
Solution: Marco polo

Question: Website Maintainer Maestro Of Sites
Solution: Webmaster

Question: Went Downwards
Solution: Descended

Question: Housewives TV Drama Set In Wisteria Lane
Solution: Desperate

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