Codycross Inventions Group 43 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Penny Saved Is A Penny
Solution: Earned

Question: Accessory Often Worn With A Tuxedo
Solution: Bowtie

Question: Almost Never Uncommon
Solution: Rarely

Question: Anagram Of Fibers
Solution: Briefs

Question: Cursed
Solution: Jinxed

Question: Describes All Things Scandinavian And Icelandic
Solution: Nordic

Question: Face For A Matte Effect Brush This Dust On
Solution: Powder

Question: Flea A Popular Bazaar Aka Swap Meet
Solution: Market

Question: Fried Dough Popular In Latin Countries
Solution: Churro

Question: German Cryptography Machine
Solution: Enigma

Question: Goats Found In The Pyrenees
Solution: Ibexes

Question: Huey Dewey And Louies Uncle
Solution: Donald

Question: Involuntary Movement In Reaction To Something
Solution: Reflex

Question: It Is The New Black According To A Netflix Drama
Solution: Orange

Question: Key On A Map Tells What Symbols Mean
Solution: Legend

Question: Magical Potion Perhaps With Medicinal Benefits
Solution: Elixir

Question: Non Tonal Language Spoken In Central Africa
Solution: Fulani

Question: Ornate Hanging Stuffed With Candy And Goodies
Solution: Pinata

Question: Sang When A Man Loves A Woman Before Bolton
Solution: Sledge

Question: Surname Of Three English Sisters Authors
Solution: Bronte

Question: Zimbabwes Capital And Most Populous City
Solution: Harare

Question: Machine Device Designed To Make Clothes
Solution: Sewing

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