Codycross Inventions Group 43 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Hit By The Beatles
Solution: Oh darling

Question: A Person Who Tries To Obtain Business Orders
Solution: Solicitor

Question: Acclaimed US Novel Written By Upton Sinclair
Solution: The jungle

Question: Became Joined
Solution: Connected

Question: Do Gooder With Special Powers
Solution: Superhero

Question: French Sparkling Wine For Making Toasts
Solution: Champagne

Question: Jesus Body Famously Given At The Last Supper
Solution: Eucharist

Question: Kangaroos And Koalas Are Endemic To This Country
Solution: Australia

Question: Latin Term Used For The University One Attended
Solution: Alma mater

Question: Le Architect Of Notre Dame Du Haut
Solution: Corbusier

Question: Like Predictably And Smoothly
Solution: Clockwork

Question: Luke Who Was Played By Mark Hamill
Solution: Skywalker

Question: Not Continuous Or Systematic
Solution: Desultory

Question: Observation Instrument That Gets Around Things
Solution: Periscope

Question: Outdoor Music Events With Different Bands
Solution: Festivals

Question: Period Of Two Weeks
Solution: Fortnight

Question: Pork Cultivator
Solution: Pig farmer

Question: Pride And Jane Austen Book Turned Movie
Solution: Prejudice

Question: Putting Effort Into Lifting Or Pulling Something
Solution: Straining

Question: Someone Who Instigates Combat Or Conflict
Solution: Warmonger

Question: Stream Or River That Flows Into A Larger One
Solution: Tributary

Question: Surname Of A Man Who Made A List That Saved People
Solution: Schindler

Question: TV Series About The Routine Of A Paper Company
Solution: The office

Question: Take Be Brave Dive Headfirst Into Something
Solution: The plunge

Question: The Smallest Continental Area In The World
Solution: Australia

Question: US Track Athlete Who Won 10 Olympic Medals
Solution: Carl lewis

Question: Sandals Worn By Ancient Roman Slaves Perhaps
Solution: Gladiator

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