Codycross Inventions Group 42 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: 90s Tokyo Subway Attack Used This Chemical
Solution: Sarin gas

Question: Advocacy Of Womens Rights And Equal Opportunities
Solution: Feminism

Question: Concerning The Sky Heavenly
Solution: Supernal

Question: Digital Storage System
Solution: Database

Question: In Music A Two Beat Note Is Called
Solution: Half note

Question: Land Locked S American Country
Solution: Paraguay

Question: Male Employed To Guard Buildings Or Property
Solution: Watchman

Question: Mythical Creature That Awakens In A Moon Phase
Solution: Werewolf

Question: Pink Bird Known For Its Long Neck
Solution: Flamingo

Question: Popular Material For Kitchen Flooring
Solution: Linoleum

Question: Scientist Who Devised A Formula To Solve Equations
Solution: Bhaskara

Question: Skyscrapers Would Be Impractical Without This Device
Solution: Elevator

Question: Someone Who Has Beaten All Opponents
Solution: Champion

Question: The Of Venice A Shakespeares Comedy
Solution: Merchant

Question: The Money A Country Spends
Solution: Currency

Question: The Way Birds Of A Feather Flock
Solution: Together

Question: Unsolved Even Forgotten Criminal Investigation
Solution: Cold case

Question: Wealth Or Riches Usually Precious Metals
Solution: Treasure

Question: Beauty Won The Oscar For Best Picture
Solution: American

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