Codycross Inventions Group 41 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Breaded And Fried Thin Veal Cutlet Wiener
Solution: Schnitzel

Question: Alexander Graham Bell Invention
Solution: Telephone

Question: Austrian Currency Before The Euro
Solution: Schilling

Question: Baton Rouge Is This States Capital
Solution: Louisiana

Question: Boxer Marvin Haglers Nickname
Solution: Marvelous

Question: Brawny Circus Performer
Solution: Strongman

Question: Famous Song By Paul McCartney Oratorio
Solution: Liverpool

Question: Hobbit Land Between The Far Downs And Tower Hills
Solution: Westmarch

Question: Iron Fisted Dictator Strong Circus Performer
Solution: Strongman

Question: It Grabs Children And Pulls Them Into Lakes
Solution: Grindylow

Question: Jem And The 2015 Movie
Solution: Holograms

Question: Low Cost European Airline With The Code EW
Solution: Eurowings

Question: Man Considered The Inventor Of The Periodic Table
Solution: Mendeleev

Question: Michael Jacksons Former Family Home
Solution: Neverland

Question: Navy Vessel One Feels Constricted In
Solution: Submarine

Question: Plan Of Places To Be Visited
Solution: Itinerary

Question: Quivering With Fear
Solution: Trembling

Question: Recover From Something Move On
Solution: Get over it

Question: Social Media Site With Posted Ideas Called Pins
Solution: Pinterest

Question: St Petersburg Palatial Art Museum
Solution: Hermitage

Question: Stephen Kings 8 Book Fantasy Series
Solution: Dark tower

Question: Suffolk Ship Burial Discovered In The 1930s
Solution: Sutton hoo

Question: Thick Dairy Product Obtained By Fermentation
Solution: Sour cream

Question: Top Of The Music Charts
Solution: Number one

Question: Tropical Cyclone Given Alphabetical Names
Solution: Hurricane

Question: Tropical Cyclone That Originates Off Africas Coast
Solution: Hurricane

Question: Or Flu Kills Thousands Each Year
Solution: Influenza

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