Codycross Greece Group 680 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Billy Joels Girl Or Bruno Mars Funk
Solution: Uptown

Question: Botanicals Found In A Tank Eg Anubias Java Fern
Solution: Plants

Question: Go Back To A Previous State
Solution: Revert

Question: Greasy Substance For Styling Hair
Solution: Pomade

Question: Kitchen Ingredients Such As Cumin And Nutmeg
Solution: Spices

Question: Not A Round Trip Flight
Solution: One way

Question: Not A Solid And Not A Gas
Solution: Liquid

Question: Passage In The Neck For Breathing And Swallowing
Solution: Throat

Question: Pouted And Behaved Grumpily
Solution: Sulked

Question: Rodent Used In Scientific Research
Solution: Lab rat

Question: Second Largest Continent
Solution: Africa

Question: Stereotype Overused Phrase Expression
Solution: Cliche

Question: Tower Part Of A House Or Castle
Solution: Turret

Question: Park Bostons Baseball Stadium
Solution: Fenway

Question: Sense Political Pamphlet By Thomas Paine
Solution: Common

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