Codycross Greece Group 680 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Affect Or Impact
Solution: Influence

Question: Big Snappy Reptile Thats Not A Croc
Solution: Alligator

Question: Egyptian Queen Lover Of Caesar And Antony
Solution: Cleopatra

Question: Expression Of Unhappiness Often Committed To Paper
Solution: Complaint

Question: Fairy Versions Of This Old Woman Appear In Tales
Solution: Godmother

Question: Fast Vessel On Water
Solution: Speedboat

Question: Film Starring Russell Crowe As A Roman Fighter
Solution: Gladiator

Question: Greasy Pigments Brushed Onto A Canvas
Solution: Oil paints

Question: Hospital Bacteria That Have Developed Resistance
Solution: Superbugs

Question: Intentionally Misleading For Fraudulent Purposes
Solution: Deceitful

Question: Marvelous
Solution: Wonderful

Question: Nickname For Fiery Mars
Solution: Red planet

Question: Out Of Control Flames In Forested Countryside
Solution: Wildfires

Question: Pasta Mixed With Eggs Cheese Bacon
Solution: Carbonara

Question: Safety Instruction To A Rollercoaster Rider
Solution: Hold tight

Question: School Or Office Cafeteria Where Food Is Served
Solution: Lunchroom

Question: Someone Who Writes Regular Newspaper Articles
Solution: Columnist

Question: Taping Or Videoing Something
Solution: Recording

Question: Hunt Challenge To Find Objects On A List
Solution: Scavenger

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