Codycross Greece Group 679 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Chase A Person
Solution: Pursue

Question: Comedians Pranksters
Solution: Jokers

Question: Female That Gives Birth To Or Adopts A Child
Solution: Mother

Question: Find Three Of These On A Fork
Solution: Prongs

Question: Frozen Oceanic Hazard
Solution: Sea ice

Question: Horizontal Studio Poles For Ballet Rehearsals
Solution: Barres

Question: Humans Need It To Breathe
Solution: Oxygen

Question: Prison Officer
Solution: Warden

Question: Pungent Vegetable Made Up Of Cloves And Bulbs
Solution: Garlic

Question: Remind An Actor Of Lines
Solution: Prompt

Question: Scuffle Small Fight
Solution: Tussle

Question: Soft Warm Material Used For Lining Winter Coats
Solution: Fleece

Question: This Little Shepherdess Lost Her Sheep
Solution: Bo peep

Question: Truck With An Open Bed And A Tailgate
Solution: Pickup

Question: Vinyl Phonograph Music Disc
Solution: Record

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