Codycross Greece Group 679 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Period Of Three Months
Solution: Trimester

Question: An Expert In Karate Wears This
Solution: Black belt

Question: An Expert In Martial Arts Wears This
Solution: Black belt

Question: Animal With A Pouch Such As A Kangaroo
Solution: Marsupial

Question: Country Where The Tasmanian Devil Is Found
Solution: Australia

Question: Denying Access To Group
Solution: Excluding

Question: Hand Crinkle Used In Fortune Telling And Emotions
Solution: Heart line

Question: Make This Short To Get To The Point
Solution: Long story

Question: Medications To Aid Constipation
Solution: Laxatives

Question: Not The Ending
Solution: Beginning

Question: Performance Of A Song Or Play
Solution: Rendition

Question: Pimples
Solution: Blemishes

Question: Popular Coffee Chain With Green Mermaid Logo
Solution: Starbucks

Question: Prolonged Or Lengthened Deadline
Solution: Extension

Question: Pyrotechnic Explosions In The Night Sky
Solution: Fireworks

Question: Set Of Questions Answered In Order To Land A Job
Solution: Interview

Question: Sideways Orientation Of A Photograph
Solution: Landscape

Question: Top Part Of Trousers With Elastic
Solution: Waistband

Question: Vacation Property With Multiple Owners
Solution: Timeshare

Question: Very Tired
Solution: Exhausted

Question: What Sally Sells By The Seashore
Solution: Sea shells

Question: Word Used To Describe A Noun
Solution: Adjective

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