Codycross Greece Group 678 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: I TV Sitcom Starring Lucille Ball
Solution: Love lucy

Question: Identify An Exact Location On A Map
Solution: Pinpoint

Question: Petroleum Jelly And Skin Hydration Brand
Solution: Vaseline

Question: Place Where Secret Deals Are Made
Solution: Backroom

Question: Poker Canasta Bridge
Solution: Card game

Question: Portuguese Navigator Who Named The Pacific Ocean
Solution: Magellan

Question: Rapturously Happy Idyllic Delightful
Solution: Blissful

Question: Rios Yearly Dance Celebration
Solution: Carnival

Question: Side Silhouettes
Solution: Profiles

Question: Small Booklet Containing Pictures And Information
Solution: Brochure

Question: Theyre The Main Ingredient In Guacamole
Solution: Avocados

Question: Tough Toil To Achieve A Goal
Solution: Hard work

Question: Turtles Crocodiles Snakes Lizards Etc
Solution: Reptiles

Question: Unexpected Shower Of Heavy Rain
Solution: Downpour

Question: Up And Down Not Horizontal
Solution: Vertical

Question: Wedges To Stop Novels From Falling Off A Shelf
Solution: Bookends

Question: Winner
Solution: Champion

Question: Beauty Is A 1959 Walt Disney Film
Solution: Sleeping

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