Codycross Greece Group 677 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Crash Or Smash Between Motor Vehicles
Solution: Collision

Question: Computer Tool That Measures Document Length
Solution: Word count

Question: Customary Established Action Or Practice
Solution: Tradition

Question: Declaration To Stop Fighting In A War
Solution: Ceasefire

Question: Fly Using Air Currents And Wearing A Parachute
Solution: Paraglide

Question: Giving In Caving In Yielding
Solution: Relenting

Question: Hoax Phone Chat Made As A Practical Joke
Solution: Prank call

Question: It Carries Noises To The Ears In Oscillations
Solution: Sound wave

Question: Person Born Under The Sign Of The Crab
Solution: Cancerian

Question: Person Or Animal In A Book Movie Or Play
Solution: Character

Question: Protecting From Attack
Solution: Defending

Question: Safe Place Haven Wildlife Refuge
Solution: Sanctuary

Question: Someone To Share Secrets With
Solution: Confidant

Question: Street Felines
Solution: Stray cats

Question: The One Who Directs An Orchestra
Solution: Conductor

Question: Time Off Work From Work When Youre Unwell
Solution: Sick leave

Question: Vessel For Drinking Fermented Grapes
Solution: Wine glass

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