Codycross Greece Group 677 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Picture Made Up From Various Other Media
Solution: Collage

Question: Bed Bases Often Contain These To Absorb Shock
Solution: Springs

Question: Compliment Praise Say Nice Things
Solution: Flatter

Question: Curse Of A Malevolent Or Envious Gaze
Solution: Evil eye

Question: Dishonest Immoral Fraudulent
Solution: Corrupt

Question: Dress Up That Copies An Entity
Solution: Costume

Question: Fanged Count Who Wears A Cape
Solution: Dracula

Question: Fruit Resembling A Peach But Much Smaller
Solution: Apricot

Question: Gather Up
Solution: Collect

Question: Hair And Make Up Expert
Solution: Stylist

Question: Jeans Have Five Of These Usually
Solution: Pockets

Question: Line That Separates The Sky From The Earth
Solution: Horizon

Question: Low Land Areas Between Mountains
Solution: Valleys

Question: Part Of A Fireplace That Needs To Be Swept
Solution: Chimney

Question: Particular Features
Solution: Aspects

Question: Portable Baby Chair For Safe Travel In Vehicles
Solution: Car seat

Question: Suitcases Luggage
Solution: Baggage

Question: Unwell On A Flight
Solution: Airsick

Question: Young Animal Sired By The King Of The Jungle
Solution: Lion cub

Question: Call Actors On Stage At End Of A Play
Solution: Curtain

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