Codycross Greece Group 677 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Author Of To Kill A Mockingbird
Solution: Harper lee

Question: Digestive Organ Comes In Small Large Sizes
Solution: Intestine

Question: Flippant Remark Witty Comment
Solution: Wisecrack

Question: Frightened Horrified Petrified
Solution: Terrified

Question: Green Citrus Cocktail Ingredient
Solution: Lime juice

Question: He Or She Saves People From Drowning At The Pool
Solution: Lifeguard

Question: Indicator To Halt On The Road
Solution: Stop light

Question: Ink That Is Impossible To Erase
Solution: Indelible

Question: Landline Or Cellular
Solution: Telephone

Question: Make Guesses About The Outcome Of Something
Solution: Speculate

Question: Nemo Is This Entertaining Type Of Swimmer
Solution: Clownfish

Question: One Of 78 In A Deck Used For Fortune Telling
Solution: Tarot card

Question: Person Who Lives Near Broadway Or Times Square
Solution: New yorker

Question: Snow White Nemesis Who Spoke To Her Mirror
Solution: Evil queen

Question: Song By Luis Fonsi Daddy Yankee And Justin Bieber
Solution: Despacito

Question: Taken Off The Guest List Of A Party
Solution: Uninvited

Question: Tiny Pieces Of Something Like Dust
Solution: Particles

Question: Urgency Dangerous Crisis
Solution: Emergency

Question: Use It To Wash Your Clothes
Solution: Detergent

Question: Walking Casually
Solution: Strolling

Question: Wish You Were Here Photo Notes Sent In The Mail
Solution: Postcards

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