Codycross Greece Group 676 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Piece Of Clothing Worn By Astronauts
Solution: Spacesuit

Question: A Practice Run Before A Performance
Solution: Rehearsal

Question: Climbing Plant That Causes An Itchy Rash
Solution: Poison ivy

Question: Dangerous Or Poisonous
Solution: Hazardous

Question: Doughy Balls Added To Stews
Solution: Dumplings

Question: Dutch Capital With Extensive Canal Network
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: Easily Irritated Tetchy
Solution: Impatient

Question: Exercises Done To Lengthen Muscles After Workout
Solution: Stretches

Question: Found In A Lamp Has A Filament
Solution: Light bulb

Question: Glossy Promotional Magazines With Holiday Details
Solution: Brochures

Question: Gwen Stefani Solo Hit Girl
Solution: Hollaback

Question: Henry Mancinis Tune From Breakfast At Tiffanys
Solution: Moon river

Question: Medical Group Could Be A B AB Or O
Solution: Blood type

Question: Offensive Word Or Expression
Solution: Obscenity

Question: Place Where You Live Dwelling Place
Solution: Residence

Question: Pony Like Fishes
Solution: Seahorses

Question: Publication Of A Story Told Through Drawings
Solution: Comic book

Question: Roll Call To Assess Number Of Attendees
Solution: Headcount

Question: Singing Dancing Ape In Disneys The Jungle Book
Solution: King louie

Question: Spend The Winter Asleep Wake In Time For Spring
Solution: Hibernate

Question: Strengthened Reinforced
Solution: Fortified

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