Codycross Greece Group 675 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Person Who Checks The Accuracy Of Accounts
Solution: Auditor

Question: A Tiger Has Many
Solution: Stripes

Question: Alpinist One Who Goes Up Rock Faces
Solution: Climber

Question: Applauded
Solution: Clapped

Question: Catchy Tunes Used In TV Advertising
Solution: Jingles

Question: Character Assassination Defamation
Solution: Slander

Question: Custom Designed Womens High Fashion
Solution: Couture

Question: Expedition Travel
Solution: Journey

Question: Fun Easter Activity For Kids
Solution: Egg hunt

Question: Grinning
Solution: Smiling

Question: Not Very Deep
Solution: Shallow

Question: Organ That Gurgles When Its Hungry
Solution: Stomach

Question: Succeed Financially Thrive Flourish
Solution: Prosper

Question: The Time H G Wells Book Of 1895
Solution: Machine

Question: They Speak Louder Than Words
Solution: Actions

Question: Thinly Sliced Raw Fish
Solution: Sashimi

Question: Ugly Building Place Visually Upsetting
Solution: Eyesore

Question: Units For Measuring Temperature
Solution: Degrees

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