Codycross Greece Group 674 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: 1995 Film Took Pixar To Infinity And Beyond
Solution: Toy story

Question: Bound Reading Assignment For The Classroom
Solution: Textbook

Question: Chinese Tile Matching Game
Solution: Mahjongg

Question: Diplomatic Delegate
Solution: Emissary

Question: Kids Little Ones
Solution: Children

Question: Measurement From Edge To Edge Across A Circle
Solution: Diameter

Question: Metal Fencing Outside Schools Maybe
Solution: Railings

Question: Moving Through Water By Using Your Arms And Legs
Solution: Swimming

Question: Not Crooked In A Perfect Line
Solution: Straight

Question: Notification So You Dont Forget An Appointment
Solution: Reminder

Question: Opposite Of Negative
Solution: Positive

Question: Providing Food For Events Parties Ceremonies
Solution: Catering

Question: Severe Throbbing Headache
Solution: Migraine

Question: Single Protracted Sound Voice Or Note
Solution: Monotone

Question: Symbolic Representation Used In Dance Or Chess
Solution: Notation

Question: The Premise Or Trajectory Of A Novel
Solution: Plot line

Question: Velociraptor Is A Quick And Clever One
Solution: Dinosaur

Question: Wet And Slimy Hard To Get A Grip Of
Solution: Slippery

Question: Wicker Cradle
Solution: Bassinet

Question: Young Not Fully Mature
Solution: Juvenile

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