Codycross Greece Group 674 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Place For Robins And Sparrows To Wash
Solution: Bird bath

Question: A Special Magnetic Charm Or Appeal
Solution: Charisma

Question: Camera Fitting For In Focus Close Ups
Solution: Zoom lens

Question: Difficulties Hindrances
Solution: Problems

Question: Films That Feature Cowboys And Gunslingers
Solution: Westerns

Question: Graveyard Burial Land
Solution: Cemetery

Question: Group School Assignments
Solution: Projects

Question: Humorous Person Who Likes Pranking
Solution: Jokester

Question: Outdoor Slipper Made Of Soft Leather
Solution: Moccasin

Question: Perfect Place For Jotting Down Ideas And Reminders
Solution: Notebook

Question: Publicist Person Who Raises Awareness
Solution: Promoter

Question: Reduction In Price To Attract Consumers
Solution: Discount

Question: Shameful Situations That Bring Bad Publicity
Solution: Scandals

Question: Someone Who Switches Sides In Battle
Solution: Defector

Question: Traitor Double Crosser
Solution: Turncoat

Question: Trance Like State
Solution: Hypnosis

Question: Upper Part Of The Arm Where A Bag Can Hang From
Solution: Shoulder

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