Codycross Greece Group 674 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Country To Which The Galapagos Islands Belong
Solution: Ecuador

Question: Cut Out Design For Application Of Makeup Or Paint
Solution: Stencil

Question: Force Someone To Go Without Something
Solution: Deprive

Question: Gymnastic Performer Sometimes Seen On Tightropes
Solution: Acrobat

Question: Having The Ability To Float
Solution: Buoyant

Question: Kitchen Appliance For Browning Bread Slices
Solution: Toaster

Question: Largest Planet With Rings Around It
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Less Intricate Easier
Solution: Simpler

Question: One Who Teaches Others To Exercise For Fitness
Solution: Trainer

Question: Open Mouthed Cooling System Of Dogs
Solution: Panting

Question: Passenger Capsule Attached To A Motorbike
Solution: Sidecar

Question: Preserving Food In Tins Or Jars
Solution: Canning

Question: Professional Horse Riders
Solution: Jockeys

Question: Protective Wall Around A Roof Or Balcony
Solution: Parapet

Question: Thin Twisting Plant Stem Or A Coil Of Hair
Solution: Tendril

Question: Wall Mounted Bowls In Male Public Toilets
Solution: Urinals

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