Codycross Greece Group 674 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Act Of Spies Obtaining Secret Information
Solution: Espionage

Question: Bed Cover Duvet Coverlet
Solution: Comforter

Question: Brashly Showing Off Money Or Possessions
Solution: Flaunting

Question: Endorse Speak Highly Of
Solution: Recommend

Question: Exactly The Same
Solution: Identical

Question: Medicine Therapy
Solution: Treatment

Question: Monument Housing A Burial Chamber Or Vault
Solution: Mausoleum

Question: Office Worker Receptionist
Solution: Secretary

Question: Only Major Tennis Tournament Played On Grass
Solution: Wimbledon

Question: Polystyrene Material Used To Protect Fragile Items
Solution: Styrofoam

Question: Raising The Quality Of Your Cabin On A Ship
Solution: Upgrading

Question: Raw Pieces Or Things Used To Make Something
Solution: Materials

Question: Silvery White Metal Element Used In Fireworks
Solution: Magnesium

Question: Temporary ID Worn Above The Hand
Solution: Wristband

Question: Witches Use These Pots For Cooking Brews
Solution: Cauldrons

Question: Work Together To Solve A Problem Or Puzzle
Solution: Cooperate

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