Codycross Greece Group 672 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Athletic Shoes Reaching Above The Ankle
Solution: High tops

Question: Coconuts Grow On This
Solution: Palm tree

Question: Creases And Lines On An Aging Face
Solution: Wrinkles

Question: Dangerous Risky Unsafe
Solution: Perilous

Question: English Forest Nottinghamshire Home Of Robin Hood
Solution: Sherwood

Question: Epic Space Franchise Created By George Lucas
Solution: Star wars

Question: Formal Agreements Or Pacts Between Countries
Solution: Treaties

Question: Incredibly Happy About A Decision
Solution: Thrilled

Question: Making A Hole In The Skin For An Earring
Solution: Piercing

Question: Manual How To Guide
Solution: Handbook

Question: Poison Tl Used In Christies The Pale Horse
Solution: Thallium

Question: Skydiving Descent With Unopened Parachute
Solution: Freefall

Question: Snowstorm
Solution: Blizzard

Question: Taking Bones Out Of A Fish
Solution: Fileting

Question: Teach Show Someone How To Do Something
Solution: Instruct

Question: Telephone Accessed Advice Service
Solution: Helpline

Question: Theatrical Or TV Performance On Tour
Solution: Roadshow

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