Codycross Greece Group 672 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: An Onion Has Many
Solution: Layers

Question: Color Of The Sun And Daffodils
Solution: Yellow

Question: Cosmetic Ointments
Solution: Creams

Question: Crash Is The Group Name For These Horned Mammals
Solution: Rhinos

Question: Delicate Paper Handkerchief For Blowing Nose
Solution: Tissue

Question: Fetid Rank Rotten Stinking
Solution: Rancid

Question: Haircut Thats Business In Front And Party In Back
Solution: Mullet

Question: Ice Cream Treat In A Glass With A Topping
Solution: Sundae

Question: Messy Room Or Porkers Dwelling Place
Solution: Pigsty

Question: Musician Who Speaks Rhythmically To Music
Solution: Rapper

Question: Opposite Of Enemy Person You Like
Solution: Friend

Question: Postponements Deferrals Adjournments
Solution: Delays

Question: Sweet Citrus Bigger Than A Tangerine
Solution: Orange

Question: Walk Aimlessly
Solution: Wander

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