Codycross Greece Group 672 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: 366 Day Periods
Solution: Leap years

Question: A Person Whose Job Is To Solve Mysteries
Solution: Detective

Question: Another Word For A Chiropractor In The UK
Solution: Osteopath

Question: Book Containing Synonyms
Solution: Thesaurus

Question: Braveheart Director And Star
Solution: Mel gibson

Question: Cofounder Of Microsoft With Allen
Solution: Bill gates

Question: Forcing Air Through Your Lips To Make A Sound
Solution: Whistling

Question: Grown Up Years
Solution: Adulthood

Question: Horoscopes Constellations And Star Signs
Solution: Astrology

Question: Illuminated By The Glowing Wicks Of Wax Pillars
Solution: Candlelit

Question: In The Public Eye Receiving Fame And Attention
Solution: Limelight

Question: Moving Ascending Or Descending Staircase
Solution: Escalator

Question: National Team Of Maradona Messi And Tevez
Solution: Argentina

Question: Opinion Perspective
Solution: Viewpoint

Question: Physician Specializing In Bone And Muscle Pain
Solution: Osteopath

Question: Place For Dancing And Drinking In The Evening
Solution: Night club

Question: Prepare Land Ahead Of Growing Crops
Solution: Cultivate

Question: Rife Widespread
Solution: Pervasive

Question: Someone Who Travels On A Boat Bus Or Plane
Solution: Passenger

Question: The Way People Arrange Their Head Strands
Solution: Hairstyle

Question: This Villain Gave Batman An Itch To Scratch
Solution: Poison ivy

Question: Visual Apparitions That Trick Your Eyes
Solution: Illusions

Question: What A Stitch In Time Does
Solution: Saves nine

Question: Writing On Metal Or Carving Into Stone
Solution: Engraving

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