Codycross Greece Group 671 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Baby Dogs
Solution: Puppies

Question: Creating Pictures With A Pencil
Solution: Drawing

Question: Dizzying Sensation And A Hitchcock Movie
Solution: Vertigo

Question: Drawing Over A Design To Copy It
Solution: Tracing

Question: Fruit Used For Pies And Scary Jack O Lanterns
Solution: Pumpkin

Question: Japanese Sword Used With Two Hands
Solution: Samurai

Question: Japanese Sword Wielding Nobility
Solution: Samurai

Question: Journalists Written Piece
Solution: Article

Question: Muscular Organ That Is Part Of The Urinary System
Solution: Bladder

Question: Organic Matter That Has Broken Down
Solution: Compost

Question: Pet Name Like Sweetheart Honey
Solution: Darling

Question: Properties With Large Houses On Them
Solution: Estates

Question: Searcher Of Food In Fields And Forests
Solution: Forager

Question: Small Text Files That Store User Info On Websites
Solution: Cookies

Question: Small Wheeled Board With A Stem For Kids
Solution: Scooter

Question: Weird Odd Far From The Norm
Solution: Strange

Question: Womens Shirts
Solution: Blouses

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