Codycross Greece Group 670 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Allows Scuba Divers To Breathe Underwater
Solution: Regulator

Question: Female Sleuth Created By The Hardy Boys Author
Solution: Nancy drew

Question: He Robs From The Rich And Gives To The Poor
Solution: Robin hood

Question: Liquid Used For Oral Hygiene
Solution: Mouthwash

Question: Loan Sharks Money Lenders
Solution: Creditors

Question: Long Sequence Of Columns
Solution: Colonnade

Question: Meat Eating Animal
Solution: Carnivore

Question: Metal Wrist Restraints
Solution: Handcuffs

Question: Obeying An Order
Solution: Complying

Question: Occupation Of Someone Who Travels Into Space
Solution: Astronaut

Question: Resolve Determination
Solution: Willpower

Question: Revert To A Previous Opinion Retract Ones Words
Solution: Backtrack

Question: Satisfying Gratifying Fulfilling
Solution: Rewarding

Question: School Area Where Piano Lessons Take Place
Solution: Music room

Question: Sirened Vehicle For Health Emergencies
Solution: Ambulance

Question: The End Of A Joke The Payoff
Solution: Punchline

Question: Type Of Plane Ticket With A Return Date
Solution: Round trip

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