Codycross Greece Group 669 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Body That Monitors Trading Standards
Solution: Watchdog

Question: Climb The Phoenician Steps To Get There
Solution: Anacapri

Question: Exposed Or Discredited Of Outlandish Theories
Solution: Debunked

Question: Flower Sellers
Solution: Florists

Question: Focus Aim At A Target
Solution: Home in on

Question: Going From Pub To Pub Instead Of Staying Put
Solution: Bar crawl

Question: Incorrectly Estimate
Solution: Misjudge

Question: Likely Highly Possible
Solution: Probable

Question: Maria Von Paradis Composer Of Sicilienne
Solution: Theresia

Question: Material Used To Make Vessels For Canning
Solution: Tinplate

Question: Paper Leftover Notes Cannot Be Spent At Home
Solution: Currency

Question: Permissions To Arrest Or Search
Solution: Warrants

Question: Porterhouses Head Porter In Tom Sharpe Books
Solution: Skullion

Question: Principles Morals
Solution: Scruples

Question: Private Path Connecting The Street To A House
Solution: Driveway

Question: Semisoft Cheese With Thin Crust Fruity Flavor
Solution: Taleggio

Question: Type Of Slipper Made From Leather
Solution: Moccasin

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