Codycross Greece Group 669 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Apples Smart Device For Making Calls
Solution: Iphone

Question: Aviation Professionals Who Fly Jets
Solution: Pilots

Question: Barbed Or Clever Remark Perfectly Timed
Solution: Zinger

Question: Bedcovers That Are Often Handmade
Solution: Quilts

Question: Bits Of Interesting Or Inconsequential Knowledge
Solution: Trivia

Question: Blowfish By Another Name Sweller
Solution: Puffer

Question: Breakfast Meal Made Of Grain And Served With Milk
Solution: Cereal

Question: Comic Mimicry Imitation And Satire
Solution: Parody

Question: Employers Managers
Solution: Bosses

Question: Flowers Associated With Holland
Solution: Tulips

Question: Fluffy Rectangles For Drying Oneself After A Bath
Solution: Towels

Question: Foam Used To Style The Hair
Solution: Mousse

Question: Gouda Swiss Havarti
Solution: Cheese

Question: Greek God Of Sleep According To Greek Myth
Solution: Hypnos

Question: Heidi Klums Nationality
Solution: German

Question: Luxury Pleasure Crafts Or Sailing Boats
Solution: Yachts

Question: Myth Fable Notorious Person
Solution: Legend

Question: Not Married
Solution: Single

Question: Not Rough Or Bumpy
Solution: Smooth

Question: Set Off A Rocket
Solution: Launch

Question: Sleepy Tired
Solution: Drowsy

Question: Stretched Fabric Used By Painters For Their Art
Solution: Canvas

Question: Too Much Surpassing The Normal Limits
Solution: Excess

Question: What Goes Around A Dogs Neck
Solution: Collar

Question: What The Evil Queen In Snow White Spoke To
Solution: Mirror

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