Codycross Greece Group 661 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Display In A Museum
Solution: Exhibit

Question: Competitive Match With A Winner
Solution: Contest

Question: Daytime Cinema Showing
Solution: Matinee

Question: Describes A Long Term Or Persistent Illness
Solution: Chronic

Question: Device Placed On A Roof To Receive A TV Signal
Solution: Antenna

Question: Give Up In A Sports Contest
Solution: Concede

Question: Joking Around Teasing Like A Child
Solution: Kidding

Question: Makes Sense Based On Reason
Solution: Logical

Question: Mythological Figure A Man Horse Hybrid
Solution: Centaur

Question: No Through Road Cul De Sac
Solution: Dead end

Question: Nuts Or Sprinkles Added As A Finishing Touch
Solution: Topping

Question: People Who Perform Choreographed Pieces To Music
Solution: Dancers

Question: Phoebe Monica Rachel And The Boys
Solution: Friends

Question: Short And To The Point
Solution: Concise

Question: Source Of Hot Lava
Solution: Volcano

Question: Watered Down
Solution: Diluted

Question: Club 80s Band Fronted By Boy George
Solution: Culture

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