Codycross Games Group 960 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: BattleLore And Memoir 44 Publisher Days Of
Solution: Wonder

Question: Clydes Female Robbery Teammate
Solution: Bonnie

Question: Demons Evil Spirits
Solution: Fiends

Question: Dr Bunsen Honeydews Lab Assistant
Solution: Beaker

Question: Evolved Mouse Pokemon Form Of Pikachu
Solution: Raichu

Question: Famous Drag Queen Who Starred In Hairspray
Solution: Divine

Question: Hitting All The Right Notes
Solution: In tune

Question: If Life Gives You These Make A Cool Sweet Drink
Solution: Lemons

Question: Name Yelled In A Streetcar Named Desire
Solution: Stella

Question: Quit A Challenge Cede A Competition
Solution: Give up

Question: Racoon Dog Native To Japan
Solution: Tanuki

Question: Return To Where You Live
Solution: Go home

Question: Rice Dish From Spain
Solution: Paella

Question: Rick Of Rick And Morty Turns Himself Into This
Solution: Pickle

Question: Short Term Strategic Military Move
Solution: Tactic

Question: Soft Spot At The Side Of The Forehead
Solution: Temple

Question: Tomb Adventure Game Featuring Lara Croft
Solution: Raider

Question: Weaken A Liquid By Mixing With Water
Solution: Dilute

Question: White Clay Used In Skincare And In Making China
Solution: Kaolin

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