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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Anna Who Wrote Black Beauty In 1877
Solution: Sewell

Question: Beard That Is Short Pointed And Just On The Chin
Solution: Goatee

Question: DNS Or Name System
Solution: Domain

Question: Hen Sounds
Solution: Clucks

Question: Kishimoto Manga Series About A Ninja
Solution: Naruto

Question: Limestone That Is Crystallized By Metamorphism
Solution: Marble

Question: Male Ducks
Solution: Drakes

Question: Mediterranean Ships With Three Masts
Solution: Xebecs

Question: Penn Teller TV Show For Amateur Magicians
Solution: Fool us

Question: Pull My Puerile Prank Relating To Flatulence
Solution: Finger

Question: Root Vegetable Sold In Animal Crossing
Solution: Turnip

Question: Scottish Folk Hero Played By Liam Neeson In 1995
Solution: Rob roy

Question: The Draining Away Of Water From The Land Surface
Solution: Runoff

Question: The Second Child Of Three Is In This Position
Solution: Middle

Question: Uses Watercolors
Solution: Paints

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