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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Bovine Fruit Aka Mountain Cranberry Lingonberry
Solution: Cowberry

Question: 2015 Action Film With Olga Kurylenko As A Thief
Solution: Momentum

Question: An Unweaned Animal
Solution: Suckling

Question: Breakfast Cereal Known For Its Circles Of Oats
Solution: Cheerios

Question: Bright Rubber Spheres Filled With Air
Solution: Balloons

Question: Companion Of Eustace Scrubb In Narnia
Solution: Jill pole

Question: Condemn In Court
Solution: Forjudge

Question: Devices That Give Electronics With Batteries Power
Solution: Chargers

Question: Leave A Hotel At The End Of Your Stay
Solution: Check out

Question: Shirk Feign Illness Skive
Solution: Malinger

Question: Structure At The End Of A Chromosome
Solution: Telomere

Question: This Parisian Fortress Was Stormed In 1789
Solution: Bastille

Question: Tropical Cyclones Over The Western Pacific Ocean
Solution: Typhoons

Question: U Shaped Structure Used By Snowboarders
Solution: Half pipe

Question: Wagners Last Opera
Solution: Parsifal

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