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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 19th Century Queen The Grandmother Of Europe
Solution: Victoria

Question: A Hue Between Azure And Dark Sky Blue
Solution: Cerulean

Question: Agreement To Provide A Service To A Business
Solution: Contract

Question: American Production Studio Created By Coppola
Solution: Zoetrope

Question: Any North American Turtle Living In Brackish Water
Solution: Terrapin

Question: Blue Gemstone September Birthstone
Solution: Sapphire

Question: Disciplinary Correctional
Solution: Punitive

Question: Greek Skewered Meat Dish
Solution: Souvlaki

Question: Hasbro Game With A Plastic Mouthpiece
Solution: Speak out

Question: Patches Of Rough Thickened Skin On The Hands
Solution: Calluses

Question: Rubbery Garments That Keep Divers Warm
Solution: Wetsuits

Question: Singer Songwriter Of Rockin The Suburbs And 2020
Solution: Ben folds

Question: System Of Thoughts Or Beliefs
Solution: Doctrine

Question: TV Singing Competition Known For Big Red Chairs
Solution: The voice

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