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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Another Name For A Hazelnut
Solution: Filbert

Question: Chef Selected Dish In Japanese Cuisine
Solution: Omakase

Question: Criticize Strongly Hand Out A Verbal Pasting
Solution: Lambast

Question: Descendant Of Wyatt Earp On TV Show
Solution: Wynonna

Question: Does Something Thats Against The Law
Solution: Offends

Question: Eli Inventor Of The Cotton Gin
Solution: Whitney

Question: Linda McCartneys Maiden Name
Solution: Eastman

Question: Peters Out
Solution: Fizzles

Question: Queen Of Iceni Tribe Who Fought The Romans
Solution: Boudica

Question: Relative Amount Per Hundred
Solution: Percent

Question: Richly Decorated Often Silken And Gold Fabric
Solution: Brocade

Question: Term For A Group Of Cats Anagram Of Old Crew
Solution: Clowder

Question: They Sat At The Camelot Round Table
Solution: Knights

Question: Ticket Draw For Cash
Solution: Lottery

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