Codycross Games Group 956 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Animal With A Solely Plant Based Diet
Solution: Herbivore

Question: Board Game Of Triangular Dominoes
Solution: Triominos

Question: Django Belgian Gypsy Jazz Player
Solution: Reinhardt

Question: Format Of A PowerPoint Presentation
Solution: Slideshow

Question: Much Impersonated Daughter Of Tsar Nicholas II
Solution: Anastasia

Question: Nutrition Specialist
Solution: Dietician

Question: Outstanding Brilliant
Solution: Excellent

Question: Star Wars Character Played By Peter Mayhew
Solution: Chewbacca

Question: Tessa British Javelin Champ In 1984
Solution: Sanderson

Question: Woman Who Is Getting Married Soon
Solution: Bride to be

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