Codycross Games Group 955 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Poem Or Narrative Commonly Set To Music
Solution: Ballad

Question: A Treeless Biome Where The Subsoil Is Frozen
Solution: Tundra

Question: Clumsy Rude And Coarse
Solution: Oafish

Question: Dirigibles Zeppelins
Solution: Blimps

Question: Iconic Dark Elf Ranger From The Icewind Dale Books
Solution: Drizzt

Question: Jaws Quote Youre Gonna Need A Boat
Solution: Bigger

Question: Past Present And
Solution: Future

Question: Summer Nights Is A Song In This 1978 Musical
Solution: Grease

Question: Surname Of 60 Minutes First Female Correspondent
Solution: Sawyer

Question: Type Of Fiction Combining Horror Death Romance
Solution: Gothic

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