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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1995 Alicia Silverstone Movie
Solution: Clueless

Question: British Slang For Looking At
Solution: Dekkoing

Question: Cooking Chopsticks In Japanese Cuisine
Solution: Saibashi

Question: Eva Who Was A Desperate Housewife
Solution: Longoria

Question: Hairsplitter Nitpicker
Solution: Quibbler

Question: Hole From Which Air Escapes On A Bikes Inner Tube
Solution: Puncture

Question: Legal Carer Or Representative Of A Minor
Solution: Guardian

Question: Medical Word For Hair Loss
Solution: Alopecia

Question: Orcas Are Actually These Not Whales
Solution: Dolphins

Question: Ruffian Or Thug Often Associated With Football
Solution: Hooligan

Question: Students Wear It To Hold Their Books And Supplies
Solution: Backpack

Question: The C In UNESCO
Solution: Cultural

Question: US River Along Georgia Border Or A Grassy Plain
Solution: Savannah

Question: Welsh Singer Who Had A Massive Hit With Delilah
Solution: Tom jones

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