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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2019 James Gray Space Drama Starring Brad Pitt
Solution: Ad astra

Question: Amphibious Nickname For A Male Scuba Diver
Solution: Frogman

Question: Cutting Comments The Lowest Form Of Wit
Solution: Sarcasm

Question: Groups Or Sets Prepared Or Baked Together
Solution: Batches

Question: Hip Hop Duo Responsible For Hey Ya
Solution: Outkast

Question: Instrument Craved By Christopher Walken On SNL
Solution: Cowbell

Question: Largest City In The State Of Illinois
Solution: Chicago

Question: Longform Magazine Article About A Single Subject
Solution: Feature

Question: Strength Exercise That Uses Breath And Posing
Solution: Pilates

Question: The Greek Goddess Of Harvest And Agriculture
Solution: Demeter

Question: Time Of Day Between Afternoon And Nighttime
Solution: Evening

Question: Wood That Burns With A Smoky Campfire Smell
Solution: Hickory

Question: You Are Given These When You Ask Questions
Solution: Answers

Question: Bottle For Squirting Paint Out
Solution: Squeeze

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