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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1957 Deborah Kerr Movie An To Remember
Solution: Affair

Question: A Person Who Rules When A King Or Queen Cannot
Solution: Regent

Question: Bolivian City A Place Known For Silver Mining
Solution: Potosí

Question: Can Be Tri Fold Bi Fold Or Digital
Solution: Wallet

Question: Cantaloupe Honeydew And Galia Fruits
Solution: Melons

Question: Intensely Extremely Anagram Of Yelped
Solution: Deeply

Question: Monthly Magazine Or Thackeray Novel Fair
Solution: Vanity

Question: Nikes Trademark Tick
Solution: Swoosh

Question: Shape Shifting Water Spirit Of Scottish Legend
Solution: Kelpie

Question: Street Where Elmo And The Cookie Monster Live
Solution: Sesame

Question: Tern That Migrates Yearly From Pole To Pole
Solution: Arctic

Question: The DD Stat That Modifies Insight And Perception
Solution: Wisdom

Question: Under A Bad Spell Doomed To Bad Outcomes
Solution: Cursed

Question: With Mortar The Essence Of A Building
Solution: Bricks

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