Codycross Games Group 953 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Capital Of Bhutan
Solution: Thimphu

Question: Declaring A Combination Of Playing Cards
Solution: Melding

Question: Final Outing For Hero Group The Avengers
Solution: Endgame

Question: Gran PlayStation Lifelike Car Racing Series
Solution: Turismo

Question: Irish Liquor
Solution: Whiskey

Question: Line On A Map That Indicates Equal Rainfall
Solution: Isohyet

Question: Manners Of Pronunciation Like Cockney Or Kentish
Solution: Accents

Question: Melancholy Sentimentally Thoughtful
Solution: Wistful

Question: Mythological Beasts That Are Half Woman Half Eagle
Solution: Harpies

Question: Tarantulas Are Examples Of These Animals
Solution: Spiders

Question: The Digits On A Persons Hand
Solution: Fingers

Question: US Award For Powerful TV Radio Online Stories
Solution: Peabody

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