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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Black And White Reflection Recognizing Bird
Solution: Magpie

Question: Daenerys Black And Red Dragon
Solution: Drogon

Question: Hang Down Swing
Solution: Dangle

Question: Important Mountain Range In Chinese Mythology
Solution: Kunlun

Question: Its The S In Apples IOS
Solution: System

Question: Long John Pirate Captain From Treasure Island
Solution: Silver

Question: Pattern That Might Be Made Up Of Chevrons
Solution: Zigzag

Question: Pieces Of One Are Often Cut By A Jigsaw
Solution: Puzzle

Question: Prince Of Puzzle Platform Game With A Sultan
Solution: Persia

Question: Taxes Tariffs
Solution: Levies

Question: The Capital Of Lebanon
Solution: Beirut

Question: Thin Crispy Toppings Served With Ice Cream
Solution: Wafers

Question: Weissmuller Played This Jungle Man
Solution: Tarzan

Question: Youth Group With Outdoor Pursuits
Solution: Scouts

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