Codycross Games Group 953 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: An Internet Based Show About Board Games
Solution: Tabletop

Question: Bread And Fat Spread From Cooked Meats
Solution: Dripping

Question: Giant Conifer Trees Of California
Solution: Redwoods

Question: Having Had The Quality Of Something Enhanced
Solution: Enriched

Question: High Tech Arts Complex In Paris
Solution: Pompidou

Question: Marlene Star Of The Blue Angel
Solution: Dietrich

Question: Next To A Large Pool Of Water
Solution: Lakeside

Question: Renaissance Woodwind Double Reed Curved Recorder
Solution: Crumhorn

Question: Shoes Boots Slippers
Solution: Footwear

Question: The Science Of Remedies And Therapeutics
Solution: Aceology

Question: This Means The DM Always Makes The Final Decision
Solution: Rule zero

Question: Time Additional Minutes Added At End Of A Game
Solution: Stoppage

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