Codycross Games Group 952 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Group Of People Who Share A Characteristic
Solution: Cohort

Question: A Reptile In A Bony Shell Like A Tortoise
Solution: Turtle

Question: Biblical Epic That Won The 1960 Best Picture Oscar
Solution: Ben hur

Question: Business Term That Can Follow Flea Stock And Mass
Solution: Market

Question: Chinese General And Said Writer Of The Art Of War
Solution: Sun tzu

Question: Daredevil Cat Crew Member Of The Octonauts
Solution: Kwazii

Question: Gambles Places Bets
Solution: Wagers

Question: Lisa Kudrows Friends Character Buffay
Solution: Phoebe

Question: This Word Sounds Like Insight It Means Encourage
Solution: Incite

Question: To Move Up A Mountain
Solution: Ascend

Question: Up And Down Playground Toy
Solution: Seesaw

Question: West African Handheld Drum
Solution: Djembe

Question: Yellow Lemon Like Citrus Fruit From Asia
Solution: Citron

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