Codycross Games Group 951 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A One Person Mechanical Gate With Revolving Arms
Solution: Turnstile

Question: Actor Starred In Gilda And Blackboard Jungle
Solution: Glenn ford

Question: Angus Kind Badger In The Wind In The Willows
Solution: Macbadger

Question: Christian Sect Founded By Joseph Smith
Solution: Mormonism

Question: Empty Sheet Waiting To Be Written On In A New Book
Solution: Blank page

Question: Fourth Season In The American Horror Story Series
Solution: Freak show

Question: Luxury Yacht Popular Choice For Royal Honeymoons
Solution: Britannia

Question: Study Of Horoscopes And Star Signs
Solution: Astrology

Question: The Food Remaining After A Meal
Solution: Leftovers

Question: These Represent A Game Characters Health
Solution: Hit points

Question: Undead Corpses Without Any Flesh
Solution: Skeletons

Question: Warn Chastise
Solution: Reprimand

Question: Wool Fine Weight Of Yarn Aka Sock Weight
Solution: Fingering

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