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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Common Hedge Sparrows
Solution: Dunnocks

Question: Edible Plant Such As Kale Cabbage Or Broccoli
Solution: Brassica

Question: Green Monsters In Minecraft That Deplete Health
Solution: Creepers

Question: Irish Sibling Band With Jim Andrea And Caroline
Solution: The corrs

Question: It Goes Before Beauty Graffiti And History X
Solution: American

Question: Mika Finnish F1 Champion 1998 And 1999
Solution: Hakkinen

Question: Most Sugary
Solution: Sweetest

Question: Music Video Game Played With A Plastic Guitar
Solution: Rock band

Question: New Zealand Red Ochres Used For Woodwork Pigment
Solution: Kokowais

Question: Ruth US Anthropologist Studied Under Boas
Solution: Benedict

Question: Series Of Rock Hewn Churches In Ethiopia
Solution: Lalibela

Question: Shape Often Used On A Play Button
Solution: Triangle

Question: Surname Of Paul Chief Protagonist Of Dune Novels
Solution: Atreides

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