Codycross Games Group 948 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1992 Animated Film Subtitled The Last Rainforest
Solution: Ferngully

Question: Australian Chocolate Dipped Sponge Cake Treat
Solution: Lamington

Question: Boxing Champion Seen In The Hangover Movie
Solution: Mike tyson

Question: Country Boogie Party In A Farm Building
Solution: Barn dance

Question: Criminal Fire Starters
Solution: Arsonists

Question: Eight Legged Animals With Stingers And Pincers
Solution: Scorpions

Question: Honey Honey How He Start Of 1974 ABBA Hit
Solution: Thrills me

Question: How Goofuss Counterpart Usually Behaves
Solution: Gallantly

Question: The Star Trek Character Played By William Shatner
Solution: James kirk

Question: Vehicle That Transports Fuel From Pipelines
Solution: Oil tanker

Question: David She Introduced Brits To French Cuisine
Solution: Elizabeth

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