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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Smooth Flow In A Straight Line
Solution: Laminar

Question: Bordered By Celebes Pacific Ocean Sea
Solution: Molucca

Question: Bram Stokers Vampire
Solution: Dracula

Question: Bratwurst Or Kielbasa
Solution: Sausage

Question: Computer Delay Before A Transfer Of Data
Solution: Latency

Question: Domestic Cattle Crossed With American Bison
Solution: Beefalo

Question: Elton John Sang Of Bennie And These
Solution: The jets

Question: Expression Of Adoration For A Deity
Solution: Worship

Question: For Card Counters The Ultimate Countermeasure
Solution: Barring

Question: French Video Game Firm Behind Assassins Creed
Solution: Ubisoft

Question: Latin Name For A Fifth Born Child
Solution: Quintus

Question: Magazine For Shopping
Solution: Catalog

Question: Stick Used In Festivals Around Midsummer
Solution: Maypole

Question: The Medical Term For Produce Or Secrete Milk
Solution: Lactate

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