Codycross Games Group 947 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Avatar Aang Was The Last One
Solution: Airbender

Question: Famous Hill Outside Jerusalems Old City Walls
Solution: Mount zion

Question: Final Act Before Defeat On A Battlefield
Solution: Last stand

Question: Go Past The End Of The Runway
Solution: Overshoot

Question: He Wrote Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Solution: Roald dahl

Question: Heating And Cooling Chocolate To Make It Shiny
Solution: Tempering

Question: Here It 2005 OK Go Song That Had A Viral Video
Solution: Goes again

Question: List Of Stock Items
Solution: Inventory

Question: Number Of Pigmented Squares On A Rubiks Cube
Solution: Fifty four

Question: Trading Card Game Magic The
Solution: Gathering

Question: Twins In German Symbol On Henckels Knives
Solution: Zwillinge

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