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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Cocktail Made Of Soda Water Lime Rum And Mint
Solution: Mojito

Question: Bad At Love Singer
Solution: Halsey

Question: Carson McCullers Novel The Heart Is A Lonely
Solution: Hunter

Question: Fairy Like Creatures From The English Countryside
Solution: Pixies

Question: First Name Of Blood Diamond Actor Hounsou
Solution: Djimon

Question: Furniture Spray For Shiny Surfaces
Solution: Polish

Question: Overwatch Character With The Full Name Lena Oxton
Solution: Tracer

Question: The P In Broadcaster PBS
Solution: Public

Question: The Amount Of Space That An Object Occupies
Solution: Volume

Question: Thick Overcoat Named After A Town In Belgium
Solution: Duffel

Question: Wood That Resembles Mahogany Anagram Of Asleep
Solution: Sapele

Question: Work Often Physical Put Into Reaching A Goal
Solution: Effort

Question: Alley Throwing Game Involving Stacked Pieces
Solution: Tin can

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