Codycross Games Group 946 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Desert Rodent With Long Hind Legs
Solution: Jerboa

Question: Acting Father And Son James And Jeff
Solution: Brolin

Question: Door Turning It Allows Entry Into A House
Solution: Handle

Question: Observatory From Which Pluto Was First Spotted
Solution: Lowell

Question: Penny Place Of Bagatelle And Gaming Machines
Solution: Arcade

Question: Polish City Its Archbishop Became John Paul II
Solution: Krakow

Question: Ranked List Of Weekly Music Or Book Sales
Solution: Charts

Question: The One Most Advanced In Years
Solution: Oldest

Question: The Spirits Of Dead People
Solution: Ghosts

Question: Tom Book Hero Known For Fence Painting Or Not
Solution: Sawyer

Question: De Spell Disney Duck Sorceress And Villain
Solution: Magica

Question: The Leader Action Game For Copycats
Solution: Follow

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